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San Diego’s Best (Real) Haunts!

The season is upon us!  No, not “The Holidays” just yet!  I mean the Witching Season…Halloween!  It is that time when we can all be crazy for a few days, and get away with it for the most part.  In this post I wanted to share some of the real scary haunts around San Diego.  You can find the traditional haunted houses ( trails & zones) here.  Let’s jump in!

  1.  The Hotel Del Coronado.  Opened in 1888, The Del has been long known to be a haunt!  Rumor has it newlywed Kate Morgan checked in and never checked out! Well not in the traditional sense anyway.  While waiting for her husband, who never showed up, she was found dead on the hotel steps…and is still seen wandering the halls today in her black dress!

Kate-Morgan2.  Presidio Park.  This park has been haunted since back in the 1760’s!  The ghost stories here include tales of witches, levitation, and even a phantom deer named Lucy who roams the park!

3.  The El Cortez.  Opened in 1927, this iconic San Diego haunt has hosted presidents and celebrities over the years.  In recent times it was occupied by  drug addicts and vagrants of all sorts. The story is that the halls are being roamed by a mother and her young son who died there in the 1980’s.  Renovated and converted to high-end apartments in the early 2000’s, I’m sure current residents have their own tales to tell!   el cortez

4.  The Whaley House.  Not only did Violet Whaley committed suicide here, but hangings also took place here prior to the house being built. That gives The Whaley House the reputation of being San Diego’s #1 haunt!  In fact the Travel Channel named the Whaley House America’s most haunted house.




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