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La Mesa Village…A San Diego Community…

So I have written about La Mesa before, mainly because it’s home and I love living here!  With this post I wanted to focus specifically on the Downtown La Mesa Village.  Talk about Main St. USA!  La Mesa Village is a quaint area with many shops, restaurants, bars, and cafe’s.  It’s a great place to […]

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Who buys and sells during the Holidays?

Let’s face it…the Holiday Season is busy! Thanksgiving really sneaks up on us, then the shopping rush begins, presents to buy, family coming into town or maybe you are planning to leave town.  So why add the stress of buying or selling a home to the “To-Do” list at this time of year?  Well for […]

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How to Avoid a Bidding War!

It’s no secret that real estate is making a comeback.  I have written recently about inventory levels dropping to similar levels as 2003, which is when the big run-up in prices started.  While that same level of price increase has not happened, yet, there is no doubt that activity is picking up and one of […]

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