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Home prices up? Not so fast…

Over the past 6 months I have seen several reports indicating housing prices are on the uptick.  On a large regional and national scale this might be the case.  Reasons given include things like low inventory levels, rising interest rates, investor competition, etc.  But what do we discover when we look at what really matters, […]

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The Searchers…A look at online property search and results

Let me start by saying, “Boy are there a lot of choices when it comes to searching for real estate online!”  I mean just looking at this graphic makes me realize that it can be overwhelming  for consumers.  It also helps to illustrate why most folks looking at real estate online tend to stick with […]

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Who buys and sells during the Holidays?

Let’s face it…the Holiday Season is busy! Thanksgiving really sneaks up on us, then the shopping rush begins, presents to buy, family coming into town or maybe you are planning to leave town.  So why add the stress of buying or selling a home to the “To-Do” list at this time of year?  Well for […]

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